COVID-19 UPDATE: 60-minute and 90-minute sessions are now available online (Zoom) or in-person in Regina (Cathedral area). If you have chosen an in-person session, the address will be emailed to you after booking.

30-minute oracle card readings, custom sound meditation recordings, and sound meditation gatherings at the new and full moons occur online only, over Zoom. 



Energy Healing / Expressive Therapies

Somatic Therapy / Counselling

These approaches can be used on their own or in combination to explore trauma. So many of us have experienced varying degrees of trauma throughout our life.  Sometimes the trauma comes in the form of a specific painful event and sometimes it is a series of experiences and lack of supports that lead to traumatization.  This offering utilizes therapeutic approaches to follow a trauma-informed approach.  One on one healing sessions offer a slow and gentle session that is built on trust, personal processing, and finding positive connection in our lives in order to process healing with strength and vitality.

60 min - $90 / 90 min - $125

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An oracle card reading focusing on transitions 

As we embark on new changes in our lives and new cycles, we might notice signs in our lives nudging us to focus on the new aspects of our life that are emerging. Sometimes new change can be exciting, sometimes uncomfortable, and sometimes a bit of both!

In the Navigating the New oracle card reading, we will explore themes in your life that are arising in that newness, what aspects to pay attention to, and gentle guidance to move forward.

30 min- $45

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Receive a 45-minute customized guided meditation for you to download and keep

This 45-minute guided meditation is customized to fit your unique needs and interests. The meditation is a recording for you to download and keep forever. 

The recording is part guided meditation, and part meditation of tuning into the recorded quartz crystal singing bowls. For each meditation the bowls are recorded specifically for your needs and tailored to fit your meditation. 

Quartz crystal singing bowls are a powerful tool to connect to the frequency and vibration of the chakras. Each bowl resonates with a different chakra, and the resonance is said to clear and heal energetic blocks associated with each chakra. The tones emitted from the bowls also serve to strengthen and energize the corresponding chakra. 

45 min recorded meditation- $125

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Offerings held online at each full moon and new moon

Our monthly New Moon Gatherings have been adjusted to online format for these exceptional times so that we can continue to connect in community and create with the moon.  We meet biweekly over zoom to explore the mysteries that the current moon phase holds for us.

Our evening will involve:

+Sound Meditation using quartz crystal singing bowls


+Creative Exploration through journalling or art making (using what is available to you in your home)

Using a platform such as zoom, you can decide whether you would like to have your camera on or off for the duration of the gathering.

90 min- pay what you can

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