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Thank you for visiting Sacred Circle Healing Arts! We are located on Treaty 4 land in Regina SK and offer sessions both in-person and online over zoom.  

Here at Sacred Circle Healing Arts, we (re)connect you with your own innate capacity to heal.  The approach at Sacred Circle Healing Arts is to connect with your passion, personal power, and inner guidance to offer resources and tools to help you along your path.  This happens through specialized one on one healing sessions and special events such as workshops, online sound meditations, and other fun stuff!

If you would like to book a session, visit our online booking system and if you have a question please visit the Contact page. Wishing you all the best as you move forward on your path!


Hi! I’m Amanda. I am an Art Therapist with a MEd (Master of Educational Psychology, Counselling) and have been trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches (listed below). I am especially interested in how we can connect to holistic aspects of wellbeing (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) to support any blocks you may be experiencing as a result of trauma or unhelpful thoughts, habits, beliefs, experiences, etc. 


A trauma-informed approach is integrated into every moment we are together. This means that we take things gently and centre the process around safety, trust/transparency, collaboration, empowerment, and from a place of cultural humility & understanding of the biases and systemic imbalances present in our world (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, historical trauma, ability, etc.)


Our one-on-one sessions together will typically blend a variety of the therapeutic approaches listed below. These approaches flow seamlessly in and out of one another. However, if you are looking to work exclusively with any of the specific approaches below (or specifically not work with one of them), we can do that too. You can click on any of the terms below to learn more about them:   

If you would like to book a one-on-one session to explore any of the therapeutic approaches listed above, you can book online.


I see myself as a helper along your path.  The guiding principle behind my work is that we all have within us the power to heal ourselves.  Over time, through various events and some painful experiences we may have disconnected from that healing aspect--the aspect in ourselves that supports us to lead rich, connected, and divinely guided lives.  As a helper I will use the tools and education I have experienced in my learning  to help you build the capacity to align with your innate healing.        

Master of Educational Psychology- Counselling

Art Therapist- Canadian Art Therapy Association

Bachelor of Arts Education

Hypnotherapy Certification

Reiki Master

Somatic Healing Practitioner

Focusing Practitioner Certification

Professional Artist, Musician, Sound Healer

Throughout my education and professional career I have been passionate about the healing journey of both myself and others.  It was early in my university education that I became deeply interested in holistic healing of the physical, emotional, mental/intellectual, and spiritual aspects within each one of us. I have followed my passion by weaving together various trainings and modalities in traditional counselling and holistic/spiritual worlds to deepen my understanding of these four aspects to inform my work in both academic and community contexts.

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