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  • 60-minute and 90-minute sessions are available online (Zoom) or in-person in Regina (Cathedral area)

  • If you have chosen an in-person session, the address will be emailed to you after booking

  • 30-minute oracle card readings occur over Zoom

  • Sessions are available for individuals 18+. There are currently no services tailored to youth available at this time.

Services for individuals (sessions & workshops)

Whether booking for an online or in-person session, you can expect a gentle, client-centred environment that focuses on what you would like to explore from a place of empowerment, enjoyment, and curiousity. In your session we will check in with the mind, body, heart, and spirit to tune into what you desire and use tools such as art therapy, energy healing, oracle cards, somatics, and many other healing modalities listed below. We will use these tools to tap into inner wisdom and life force to illuminate your path.
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Art Therapy / Energy Healing / Psychotherapy Somatic Therapy / Counselling

Our 1:1 sessions will typically blend a variety of the therapeutic approaches listed below. These approaches flow seamlessly in and out of one another. However, if you are looking to work exclusively with any of the specific approaches below (or specifically not work with one of them), we can do that too. You can click on any of the terms below to learn more about them:

1:1 healing sessions are for those who are looking to (re)connect to inner light and inner wisdom. For those who feel they have lost the spark in one or many areas of their own lives. This could be someone who has experienced trauma of any kind, or maybe a formal or suspected diagnosis (physical or mental health), or for anyone who is wanting to access more love, peace, or joy in life.​

60 min - $100 / 90 min - $140

Click here to book a one on one healing session

*PLEASE NOTE: 1:1 sessions are currently available for those 18+. Availability for youth sessions (under 18)  is currently full. If you would like to put your name on the waitlist for youth sessions, please contact us.


An oracle card reading focusing on transitions 

As we embark on new changes in our lives and new cycles, we might notice signs in our lives nudging us to focus on the new aspects of our life that are emerging. Sometimes new change can be exciting, sometimes uncomfortable, and sometimes a bit of both!

In the Navigating the New oracle card reading, we will explore themes in your life that are arising in that newness, what aspects to pay attention to, and gentle guidance to move forward.

30 min- $50

Click here to book an oracle card reading

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Receive a 45-minute customized guided meditation for you to download and keep

This 45-minute guided meditation is customized to fit your unique needs and interests. The meditation is a recording for you to download and keep forever. 

The recording is part guided meditation, and part meditation of tuning into the recorded quartz crystal singing bowls. For each meditation the bowls are recorded specifically for your needs and tailored to fit your meditation. 

Quartz crystal singing bowls are a powerful tool to connect to the frequency and vibration of the chakras. Each bowl resonates with a different chakra, and the resonance is said to clear and heal energetic blocks associated with each chakra. The tones emitted from the bowls also serve to strengthen and energize the corresponding chakra. 

45 min recorded meditation- $150

Click here for details



(re)Connect to your inner wisdom through intuition & creativity

This entirely online self-guided program contains:

+Workbook PDF

+6 recorded guided meditations with crystal singing bowls

+6 art reflection activities to complete following the meditation

+Journal prompts to tap in even deeper to the art reflection activities


Facilitated by Amanda Scandrett MEd, Art Therapist

+Art &/or Meditation experience not necessary. Suitable for all levels of experience!

+While suggested materials will be given alongside the art reflections, there are no specialized art materials required. Use whatever you prefer to work with and have available.

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Services for community organizations & businesses

Amanda is passionate about connecting with community groups to offer therapeutic programming to their members as well as education & consultation for staff and team members. She has over 20 years experience with community education & therapeutic programming, is a Sessional Lecturer with the University of Regina Faculty of Education and holds a MEd (Educational Psychology) and BEd (Arts Education) Working with the trauma-informed approaches and psychoeducational programming is a key focus of her work in the community. 
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Strengths-based, trauma-informed group therapy for a variety of populations & needs

Amanda has been offering therapeutic groups in the community for over 10 years, working with a variety of populations and needs. All therapeutic groups are offered using a strengths-based, trauma-informed approach. Format can be single-session, or a series of therapeutic groups on a specific topic/theme. Groups can integrate one or some (or all!) of the following modalities:

  • Art therapy

  • Guided meditation &/or hypnotherapy

  • Psychoeducation

  • Sharing circle / peer knowledge sharing

  • Sound healing &/or energy healing

  • ...and more! Contact us with your ideas and specialized requests!

Rates vary based on group size, focus, and travel

Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs


Supporting your team with workshops & consultation offerings

Workshops and training sessions for community organizations, non-profits, practitioners, and private businesses. Past workshop/training offerings include but are not limited to:

  • The basics of trauma-informed care tailored to your focus/industry

  • Creating a trauma-informed environment for your team, clients, &/or customers

  • Gender-affirming care (supporting clients & customers beyond the gender binary)

  • Art therapy & creative expression for specialized populations

  • Anti-Bias education for staff & team members 

  • Self care for your team

  • ...and so much more! Contact us with your ideas and specialized requests!

Rates vary based on group size, focus, and travel

Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs

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Services for individuals
Services for community orgs & businesses
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